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65% of Active Developers Joined Web3 in 2021

Electric Capital’s Maria Shen dives into her company’s recently published research report about Web3 open-source development in 2021 and shares her thoughts and insights on how developers are flocking to Web3 in a manner that goes far beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum. Show topics:

  • Maria’s biggest takeaways from the Electric Capital Developer Report
  • how developer growth is affected by asset price
  • which ecosystems are growing fastest
  • why Maria thinks the growth in Bitcoin development has slowed down
  • why Maria is so impressed by Ethereum’s performance in terms of retaining developers
  • how closed-source development on, for example, Solana or Flow could affect the report’s findings
  • the significance of Polkadot, Solana, NEAR, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Terra growing faster than Ethereum did at similar points in its history
  • developer growth in DeFi during 2021
  • why Electric Capital did not study developer growth for NFTs, DAOs, or gaming
  • why Maria is so interested in studying community growth going forward
  • what Maria will be watching for in 2022

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