How ADSS Serves Institutional Investors

ADSS is a GCC-based brokerage firm that is one of the leading ones in the entire region. It offers sport forex and CFDproducts across various assets such as commodities, stocks, crypto, indices, and forex pairs. Headquartered in the UAE, the brokerage firm is regulated and licensed by the SCA. It is also licensed by the FCA in the UK, as the broker has an office in London. 

What institutional investors does ADSS serve? 

As stated on ADSS’ official website, the institutional investors the brokerage firm serves tend to be split up into four main categories. These are hedge funds, banks, asset managers, and retail brokers. As of the time of writing, ADSS has over 400 institutional investors that come from all around the world. The brokerage firm also offers bank and non-bank liquidity pools from various regions in order to enhance operational efficiency.

Offerings for institutional investors

Institutional investors have the option of working with ADSS on the MT4 platform. This allows for efficient and smooth trading alongside minimal slippage. Clients can also connect to multiple regional liquidity pools – this depends on the instruments they are looking to trade with as well as the trading strategies that they want to use. For those who are specifically looking for bespoke liquidity, ADSS fortunately also offers this – pure buy-side liquidity. That said, this still depends on the client’s profile, however.

Other main features

On the whole, there are four main features regarding ADSS’ offerings for institutional clients. These include a personal trading desk, the ability to tap into a wide range of instruments that have deep levels of liquidity, a powerful global liquidity network, as well as advanced infrastructure such as top-tier colocation and hosting. We can examine them below.

Global liquidity network

As of the time of writing, ADSS has over 30 sources of liquidity that areavailable through its trading platform. This means the brokerage firm can facilitate smooth execution when it comes to their client’s trades in addition to covering the bases when it comes to different trading strategies that are being used. 

In general, the global liquidity network also leads to low latency, as well as high levels of flexibility in execution with minimal slippage. For advanced traders who need more precision and speed, institutional clients can help them to deliver. Some of the connected sources that ADSS offers include Lucera, TraderTools, One-Zero, Gold-I, PrimeXM, and Currenex. 

Instrument offerings

Institutional investors who trade or manage accounts on behalf of their clients will be pleased to know that ADSS offers a wide range of product offerings for all investors with individual accounts. These include spot forex and CFDs on forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The broker also offers leverage of up to 500:1 on trading, and there are no commissions or fees charged for trade executions. So, for those looking to diversify their portfolios, ADSS is a great place to do so.


Traders will be pleased to find over 60 currency pairs that are available for trading on the spot or through CFDs. These forex pairs include major, minor and exotic pairs. All of them come with differently priced, yet similarly competitive spreads. Leverage of up to 500:1 can be used here. 


As a GCC-based brokerage firm, ADSS offers GCC stocks along with some of the world’s largest names, including Nike, Tesla, Amazon, Meta, Alphabet, and more. Traders can participate in trading stock CFDs with a leverage of up to 20:1. Traders can also access the largest markets in the world such as the NASDAQ, the NYSE and the HKEX. 


Commodity traders are in for a treat. Here, the brokerage firm offers commodities such as metals (gold and silver), energy products (UK and US crude oil), as well as agricultural products (coffee). Commodities can be traded with a leverage of up to 200:1 through the use of CFDs.


For traders who do not want to trade individual stocks, they have the option of trading indices instead, with a leverage of up to 333:1. Indices cover the European, US, and Asia markets. They also track big sectors and geographies such as the DAX, the FTSE 100, the Hang Seng Index, US 30, and the Nikkei 225. 


Cryptocurrency CFDs are on offer for major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Traders can access leverage of up to 4:1, depending on the currency they choose. The largest benefit of trading with ADSS is that traders no longer need to open an additional online wallet to store their cryptocurrencies – rather, they can simply use the same account that they trade other instruments with. 

Personal ADSS trading desk

Another featurethat the brokerage firm offers is a personal trading desk for institutional investors. This trading desk lets institutional investors take care of any customers by responding and reaching out when they ask for support, in addition to enabling the execution of transactions. Another thing that makes this trading desk unique is its multilingual characteristics – something that ADSS’ support staff is familiar with as they operate bilingually in both English and Arabic. 

The trading desk also provides intuitional clients with research and market analysis, letting them make better-informed trading decisions on behalf of their clients when they are trading. 

Advanced colocation and hosting

The last feature that ADSS provides for their institutional investors is superior colocation and hosting, as they have data centres LD4 in London and NY4 in New York. The brokerage firm describes themselves are being a partner of low-latency infrastructure hubs and word-leading providers, and that they can tap into them to increase the speed of trade executions. This lets institutional clients that usually take on high net worth clients execute trades with more advanced strategies without needing to worry about infrastructure weakness. 

Bottom line

Overall, ADSS offers sophisticated and well-rounded solutions for institutional clients who are looking to work with a strong and reputable broker that has the resources needed to help them take on and manage high net-worth clients. With advanced margin solutions and white-label opportunities, partnering with ADSS can be a fantastic way for institutional clients to push their business to the next level.